Crafts and Arts have some surprising health benefits.  A study carried out by researchers at the University of Glasgow in 2011 concluded that crafts and arts aid emotional well-being to an extent that more active pursuits such as sports cannot, especially amongst old people. But this isn’t the only way that crafts and arts are beneficial to us.

Have you ever noticed how even during tough economical times craft stores still do a booming trade?  Perhaps even more so than in good times.  This could be attributed to the fact that people are economising by making things themselves, but even more so to the fact that when finances don’t allow people to spend on going out, doing crafts and arts actually helps to improve their mental state.

There are numerous ways that crafts and arts are beneficial:

  1. Enjoyable: whether done on your own or in a group or with one friend, it is a great opportunity to laugh, create and just escape from the day to day.
  2. Relaxing: even if you’ve had a hard day at work or with the kids spending a couple of hours crafting can make these all disappear for a while.
  3. Economical: In most cases you can save $$ on similar items which have been purchased at the store or craft markets.
  4. Sharing: it is a lot more personal if you’ve put in the effort of making something yourself to give as a present than purchasing something in a shop.
  5. Creativity: there is nothing as satisfying as creating something from a few base materials.
  6. A great way to keep in touch or make new friends, whether that is by attending workshops, classes, retreats or just staying in touch online.
  7. Having a hobby which allows you to express yourself or provide a distraction for a short while is extremely refreshing.